July 17, 2013

Summer space school diary. New discoveries every day

Summer space school diary. New discoveries every day

Summer space school diary. New discoveries every day.

Doubtless, both foreign guests and Bauman students will remember the participation in summer international space school for a long time. Every day is full of new discoveries, interesting journeys, lectures, meetings with interesting people. It is useless to ask what they liked most. Everything is important in space and there is no trifle in space industry. Anyhow, the trip to Star City where cosmonauts live and work was surely long-awaited for everyone. Cosmonaut training center is the city within a city with lots of buildings where future cosmonauts and future crews undergo various types of trainings.
The participants of the school have seen a huge and world's only in its features rotating machine CF-18 which is used to simulate overloading at all steps of space flight. They were in the gym where there’s a full-scale analogue of huge orbital space station MIR.
S.K.Krikalev, the head of Cosmonaut training center n.a. Y.A.Gagarin, who was on orbit six times described the constructive features of the station and the differences between Russian and foreign modules. The students could see the unique Hidrolaboratory where under the conditions of support-free environment cosmonauts gain and improve the experience of work in outer space.
This very day there was an excursion to the museum of Air Force in Monino. That was an exciting travel to the history of Russian aviation. The students walked among the unique exhibits, each of which is a legend. Students’ guides were skilled professional aviators.


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